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Ballinaboy wants to know where I got my statistics for the claim that Israel killed thousands of people in Lebanon. Google "Noam Chomsky 'Limited War' in Lebanon" and you will read that, "Israel's 1978 invasion killed several thousand Lebanese and ...
This video has captured the bizarre moment a 'huge fireball' erupted into the night sky, terrifying residents as they celebrated New Year's Eve . Farmer Gerry Bourke told the Irish Times there was "nothing normal" about the bizarre flare and described ...
Residents left terrified after 'giant fireball' erupts in sky on New Year's Eve
He said it was 8pm on New Year's Eve at Ballinaboy, and described the arrival of first gas as an “extraordinary sight” . He said it was a “fantastic way to spend New Year's Eve”. The Corrib gas plant's emissions levels are governed by an integrated ...
Gas flaring at Corrib plant 'frightening', says resident
Jump to comments (0). This video also appears in: Gas flaring at Corrib plant 'frightening', says resident. January 1, 2016Clip from Shell E&P Ireland showing flaring removed from YouTube on Friday night. More News Videos. Man whose remains found in ...
Eyewitness footage captures gas flare in <b>Ballinaboy</b>
Mr White announced on Tuesday that he had issued Shell E&P Ireland with consent to operate the Corrib natural gas pipeline, linking the subsea gas facilities 83km offshore to the onshore refinery at Ballinaboy. The consent is subject to 20 conditions ...
Gas expected to flow from Corrib field after final consent issued
An Taisce objected to the original licence on the basis the Ballinaboy gas refinery is too close to the main drinking water supply for the area at Carrowmore lake, and obtained confirmation from the Scottish EPA it would “normally recommend against ...
Shell Corrib project &#39;looks forward to delivering gas&#39;
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