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“The viability of Lawrencetown Community Centre has ultimately been compromised by those individuals who erected this flag.” Mr Anderson said he plans to write to the Chief Electoral Officer for Northern Ireland requesting an urgent investigation.
Concern over flag at polling station
Convicted drunk driver Kyla MacLellan has been granted another four months of day parole while serving a five-year sentence for killing a man near Lawrencetown Beach almost three years ago. Mark Burnett, 55, was killed shortly before 6 a.m. on July 10, ...
Mr Anderson said a flag that commemorates the 1916 Easter Rising was placed at Lawrencetown Community Centre, which will be used as a polling station for the Assembly elections in Upper Bann next Thursday. Mr Anderson said he had been contacted by ...
Flying of republican flag 'bid to intimidate unionist voters'
A convicted drunk driver has been granted another four months of day parole as she serves a five-year sentence for killing a man nearly three years ago near Lawrencetown Beach. Kyla Marie MacLellan was sentenced for impaired driving causing death and ...
Kyla MacLellan, drunk driver who killed man, has day parole extended
Halifax District RCMP is looking for a suspicious person after a driver approached a young girl in Lawrencetown Thursday. At approximately 1:30 p.m. Thursday, a van stopped on Conrad Road in Lawrencetown and the driver asked a lone 11-year-old girl if ...
Suspicious person sought by RCMP after girl approached by driver in <b>Lawrencetown</b>
Halifax District RCMP are investigating after a person driving a van offered an 11-year-old girl a ride on Conrad Rd. in Lawrencetown around 1:30 p.m. Thursday afternoon.The driver approached the girl, who was alone, and offered her a ride. She refused ...
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