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TREMONT — More than 20,000 students from 42 countries gathered in St. Louis over the weekend to battle robots. None were better than a small group of kids from Tremont. Tremont High School's Roboteers Team 2481 on Saturday was part of a 4-team ...
Best in the world: Tremont robotics team shares international title
One of the undeniable facts of history is that sometimes the most logical actions on the part of individuals and governments have unintended consequences. Recent headlines in the newspapers of the country highlight major changes that will affect our ...
Mark L. Hopkins: Unintended consequences
Enjoy a rare gift of being fully present. Walk a labyrinth. World Labyrinth Day (May 7) and Mother's Day (May 8) occur this weekend. Walking the spiral path of twists and turns of the outdoor labyrinth at The Center at Westwoods provided me with calm ...
Suzette Martinez Standring: For Mother's Day, walk a labyrinth
His and Hers has opened a new headlice clinic. Owner Natalie Prime tests out the equipment on children Alexi 11 and Ella 8, assisted by Myna Vu. Archant. What does Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker have to do with Woodford Green? Share article ...
Sex and the City inspires &#39;exclusive&#39; <b>Woodford</b> Green head lice clinic
“The North Carolina mountains seemed to have been a safer place for Blacks to live and work,” writes Ann Miller Woodford in “When All God's Children Get Together: A Celebration of the Lives and Music of African American People in Far Western North ...
Visiting Our Past: Andrews author provides insight into &#39;Affrilachia&#39;
TIP OF THE WEEK. With memories of winter fading fast, you might not be thinking about your home's insulation, but the warm months are the ideal time for some simple DIY insulation projects with huge paybacks. Proper insulation - from roof to foundation ...
Home Help: Choose the right insulation to save money
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