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Traditional musician Marcus Hernon and with his sons, Prionsias and Breandan, will perform with folk singer/songwriter Don Stiffe in the Coleman Music Centre in the Mayo/Sligo border town of Gurteen, this Saturday, April 9, at 9pm. Marcus is a renowned ...
Marcus Hernon joins Don Stiffe in <b>Gurteen</b>
Last month might have seemed like a washout, but in parts of the country, there was a near drought. One weather station reported a spell of dry weather which would not be out of place in a Mediterranean summer. Gurteen in Co Tipperary had a period of ...
Irish weather: Parts of the country had period of &#39;absolute drought&#39; in March
At Cork Airport, a third of the month's rainfall occurred on 26 March with 25.5mm falling. Share39 Tweet. Your say. View more polls · Poll: Did you say you had a religion in last night's census? LAST NIGHT WAS census night: in households all over the ...
#<b>Gurteen</b> Desert
The Gurteen station in Co Tipperary saw a spell of “absolute drought” between the same dates, which is defined as a period of 15 or more consecutive days where less than 0.2 millimetres of rain fell. Although no long-term records were broken, the Moore ...
Dry, cool March featured period of &#39;absolute drought&#39;
Traditional musician Marcus Hernon and his sons Prionsias and Breandan will perform with folk singer/songwriter Don Stiffe in the Coleman Music Centre, Gurteen on Saturday April 9. Marcus Hernon is a renowned flute player, composer, and flute maker ...
Marcus Hernon and Sons with Don Stiffe in concert
The first of the Dawn masses gets underway at Cloonkeenkerrill cemetery in Gurteen at 6 tomorrow morning. (Sun) The Dawn mass for the parish of Abbey / Duniry will also take place at 6a.m tomorrow at Ladywell in the village of Abbey. Mass will take ...
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