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News from Attymass
IT might have taken nearly 1,600 years but Attymass, the small rural parish just outside Ballina, has just erected a special commemorative plaque to mark the missionary work of Saint Patrick in the parish around 430 AD. The Bonnifinglas Cemetery Group ...
<b>Attymass</b> celebrates missionary work of saint patrick
Patrick Peyton was born on January 9 1909 in Attymass, Co Mayo, one of nine children. When they were growing up, the rosary was central to their lives. His family were subsistence farmers and unable to afford to send him to a seminary, so for a number ...
Father Patrick Peyton, the Rosary Priest
Seamie Mulhern, originally from Attymass in Mayo, died in the early hours of Sunday morning, according to police in Melbourne. The 25-year-old was hit by a car and was pronounced dead at the scene in the Box Hill area of the city. Investigators were ...
Friends rally to help family of Seamie Mulhern bring his remains back to Ireland
Garda Kevin Carey told Ballina District Court this week that he went to the reported bonfire on May 4 shortly after 10pm. At the scene, Michael Culkin (24 ), Carracastle, Attymass, Ballina, was intoxicated. His speech was slurred and he was acting ...
The proposed festival was launched in Attymass at the Father Peyton Centre yesterday (Thursday ). It will be part of the Manchester-Mayo Gathering which will have festival hubs in Ballina and Attymass, but it is hoped that other parishes and ...
Manchester joins forces with north Mayo for Gathering project
An assault case against an Attymass man whom it was alleged assaulted another man in a dispute over the stabling of a horse on lands was dismissed by Judge David Anderson this week in Ballina District Court. George Loftus, Currower, Attymass, Ballina, ...
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