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Chad R. Corlee, legal counsel for the elections board, said Edmonds, who was notified about the hearing date, said he had a family emergency and requested the date be changed. The board requested a doctor's excuse. “No doctor's excuse was ever given ...
In an Oct. 2 letter to Chad Corlee, an attorney representing the board, Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Colangelo gave the Board of Elections 10 days to respond to a complaint filed by Jamayla Morehead, who ran for a seat on the Homerville City ...
Corlee L. Imondi, 28, 145 Hampstead Road, Apt. C, Sandown, N.H.; driving while under the influence of alcohol, guilty, one year probation, 60-day loss of license, complete alcohol safety awareness program, $250 OUI fee, $50 OUI Victims Fund, $250 Head ...
Corlee Thomas-Hill, 24, Yellowhill Community. “History and cycling are two of my favorite hobbies so it is great to have a way to combine them in such a unique way. I graduated from UNCA last December after studying history, and I feel like even though ...
Meet the Remember the Removal riders
By Nuneaton News | Posted: July 23, 2014. By Alex Wainwright. SPORTING SUCCESS... Amber Jones, Taylor Bloxham, Keelan Fallows and Corlee Haverty were all given The Coralie Turner Memorial Award for sporting excellence. NNJA 180714 RaceLeys ...
LANCASTER, Ohio - Family members said on Thursday that a 16-year-old girl who died in a crash on Wednesday was feeling ill earlier in the day. Corlee Jarvis was traveling south on state Route 159 just south of Clearport Road in Fairfield County when ...
Teen Who Died In Laurelville Crash On Way Home From Internship
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