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'Terry Wogan bought me flapjacks'. Derry's Martin McCafferty (far left) and the rest of 'Jack Pack' pictured with the late Sir Terry Wogan in his BBC Radio 2 studio in October last year. Andrew Quinn. Twitter: @AndrewEQuinn. 14:59 Monday 01 February 2016.
'Terry Wogan bought me flapjacks'
Derry's Martin McCafferty (far left) pictured with the rest of 'Jack Pack' on the front cover of the band's debut single 'Say You Love Me'. Andrew Quinn. Twitter: @AndrewEQuinn. 08:52 Friday 11 September 2015. 0. Have your say. Derry man, Martin ...
<b>Derry&#39;s Martin</b> proud of &#39;Jack Pack&#39; single
A Derry man who is in Simon Cowell's band 'Jack Pack' performed in front of a television audience of millions of people on Tuesday evening. Martin John McCafferty, (33), joined 'Jack Pack' last summer but earlier this week they performed 'Light My Fire ...
<b>Derry&#39;s Martin</b> John appears on BGT
Widespread shock has greeted the news of the sudden death of Londonderry tour operator Martin McCrossan, known affectionately as 'Mr Derry'. Mr McCrossan (53) founded Derry City Tours which won several awards - including one from the Belfast ...
Farewell to Mr <b>Derry: Martin</b> McCrossan, the tours founder who championed his city
Simon Cowell signs up Derry's Martin John. Derry's Martin John McCafferty (left) pictured with the rest of 'Jack Pack'. Andrew Quinn. Twitter: @AndrewEQuinn. 10:33 Tuesday 16 September 2014. 1. Have your say. A Derry man who signed a record deal with ...
Simon Cowell signs up <b>Derry&#39;s Martin</b> John
Mayor of Derry Martin Reilly pictured at launch of the Derry Journal's Derry People of the Year Awards. Representatives from the Journal were joined at the event by senior staff from main sponsor Progressive Building Society, associate sponsor Oaklee ...
Journal&#39;s new People of the Year Awards launched
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