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Footage of a rare dust tunnel, also known as a 'dust devil' has been captured in a hay field in Ballyveal in Co. Carlow. Freelance cameraman Martin Cavanagh was driving along the N80 at Ballyveal towards Co. Kildare on Wednesday when he noticed the ...
Footage of rare dust devil wind tunnel captured in Carlow field (VIDEO)
This 'dust devil' twister was filmed by a passing motorist on the N80 road in Ballyveal, near Ballon in Carlow. YouTube user and cameraman Martin Cavanagh spotted the phenomenon just off the road in the county on Wednesday. The video shows a field full ...
'Dust devil' twister throws up hay in roadside field
Can you tell the difference between a tornado and a dust devil? No? You are not alone. Happily, we know a man who can, and he has confirmed that the rotating column of air filmed by a motorist in a field at Ballyveal in Co Carlow was the latter. Met ...
Video: Dust devil captured in Co Carlow field
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