News from Maynooth
When we conducted last year's slice of Ireland survey over 50% of respondents told us it was an area where they faltered. Students Alice Kiernan and Megan Daly were well aware of this fact and decided to do something about it for Maynooth University's ...
Student were given a much-needed smile in <b>Maynooth</b> this week
Filmmakers at NUI Maynooth told their fellow students that they wanted to photograph them this week, and what followed is a touching video about the power of a single compliment. It's been a rough couple of weeks in terms of the nation's emotional ...
VIDEO: The students of NUI <b>Maynooth</b> get a nice surprise
Law firm McCann Fitzgerald is to sponsor the award of two postgraduate scholarships in Mediation and Conflict Intervention at Maynooth University. The award will pay course fees for two successful applicants to complete the one-year full-time Masters ...
Nurse and diabetic educator Cheryl Williamson of the North Hastings Family Health Team counsels Leon Loney at the monthly diabetes clinic held at the Hastings Highlands Centre in Maynooth. TONY PEARSON Special to This Week. By Tony Pearson.
Dealing with diabetes
From 2017, Maynooth will take a bold but simple step: allowing students to study arts and science subjects together. “This could be environmental science with a module on climate change, combining biology and geography, or chemistry and economics, ...
The sweet and sour of the pick&#39;n&#39;mix degree
Strathclyde University students triumphed in the Silken Thomas Moot Court Competition earlier this month at the National University of Ireland in Maynooth. DPLP student Mike Reilly and 2nd year accelerated LLB student Victoria Fitzpatrick-McIntosh ...
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