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The widow of a County Londonderry firefighter has said she is "relieved" to find out who "ordered" her husband onto the roof of a burning hotel in Limavady. Joe McCloskey, 50, died in a blaze at the Gorteen House Hotel on Halloween night 2003. He died ...
Widow 'relieved' to receive name of fireman who 'ordered' husband on to roof
Alan Robinson said: “A resident contacted me in recent weeks telling me how she frequently finds abandoned boxes pertaining to the prescription drug 'Diazepam' in the wider Gorteen area. Having visited the area and carried out a walk through I too ...
Warning after empty drug boxes found in Limavady
Raymond Magee, of Gorteen Crescent, Limavady, pleaded guilty to a further charge of assaulting a nurse on October 27, last year. Derry Magistrates Court heard the injured party, a staff nurse in the accident and emergency department of Altnagelvin ...
John Christopher Barry Neill of Gorteen Crescent in the town was sentenced on Wednesday for assault on a male on December 8, 2012. The court was told that at 8.35pm that evening there was an assault at the Spar Shop in the Coolessan area. The court ...
GORTEEN - Írske mesto Gorteen sa stále spamätáva z najhoršej rodinnej tragédie za posledných 12 rokov. Hlúpou zhodou náhod tam pri večernom sledovaní televízie vyhasol život otca Trevora Wallworka a jeho dvoch detí Kimberley (†12) a Harryho (†9).
Smrteľná zhoda náhod: Otec s deťmi (†9, 12) sa zadusili kvôli balíčku čipsov!
The field beside the former Gorteen Hotel was taken over by huge white lorries containing countless pieces of equipment for the blockbuster. Neon yellow signs directing crew to the scene were dotted around the Gorteen, and in the park, for the ...
Hollywood rolls into Limavady for filming of movie 'Dracula'
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