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A residential centre for people with disabilities at St John of God in Drumcar has been forced to close its doors by the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA). This comes after thirty breaches of regulation were found following an inspection ...
HIQA forces closure of St John of God facility in <b>Drumcar</b>
... out of the centre in the second half of last year after thirty breaches of regulation were identified during an inspection in May. 15 people were receiving care and accommodation in the centre on the Drumcar, Co Louth campus when it was inspected ...
HIQA closes down Co Louth residential centre
Anunț publicitar privind organizarea licitatiei pentru vînzarea masei lemnoase fasonate la drum auto de către Liceul Teoretic „Anastasie Bașotă” Pomârla în data de 8.04.2016 - Nr. inreg 1082./24.03.2016. Organizatorui licitatiei: Liceul Teoretic ...
ANUNȚ! Liceul Teoretic „Anastasie Bașotă” Pomârla organizează licitației pentru vînzare masă lemnoasă fasonată la <b>...</b>
The Broomfield Centre, part of the St John of God Services in Drumcar, failed 14 of 18 major tests in a pre-announced HIQA inspection last year, it has been revealed. The inspection – held in September 2015 – also found that the personal funds of one ...
Local care centre fails 78% of HIQA tests
The Broomfield Centre, which is run by the St John of God Services, was found to have purchased items including cutlery, soft furnishings and a fireplace for the facility using the funds of one resident. The centre is located within the Drumcar campus ...
Louth residential centre fails 14 HIQA tests
Deputatul Ioan Bălan, preşedinte al organizaţiei municipale Suceava a PNL, s-a arătat revoltat de propunerea făcută de cei care au realizat proiectul Planului Urbanistic General al Sucevei privind construirea unui drum auto în Parcul Şipote pe lungimea ...
Propunerea din PUG-ul Sucevei privind construirea unui <b>drum auto</b> prin Parcul Şipote respinsă de deputatul Ioan Bălan
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