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Bradley James and Barbara Hershey discuss "Damien" at the WonderCon 2016 in Los Angeles. (Photo : Getty Images/Frazer Harrison). In "Damien" Episode 6, Damien Thorn learns something about his past that leads to an altercation with Anne Rutledge.
&#39;Damien&#39; episode 6 &#39;Temptress&#39; sneak peek, spoilers: Damien threatens to <b>kill</b> <b>...</b>
According to Tamara Barnes from No Kill Lane County, who spoke to Seattle Pets Examiner this morning, Preston had lived with his family for nine years. She stated: "Rescue is hard - especially when animals die that shouldn't have died yet. Preston was ...
He died from a broken heart: Cat dumped by his family when he needed them most
MARTIN COUNTY — A multivehicle crash Wednesday morning on Martin Highway sent six people to nearby hospitals, said Doug Killane, Martin County Fire Rescue's bureau chief of fire prevention. Five of those people have serious injuries, according to a ...
Multi-vehicle crash in Martin County sends six to hospital
The release came as police confirmed they had issued a formal caution against a 45-year-old man in Malmesbury, the north Wiltshire town Mr Killane represents, for an incident of racially-aggravated harassment online, which the councillor said was part ...
&#39;I&#39;m no criminal&#39; blasts Wiltshire councillor as his &#39;Facebook troll&#39; is <b>...</b>
The drama's viewing figures have slumped in recent weeks. The fourth episode pulled in 487,000 viewers - down 159,200 from the second episode which reached the highest viewership at 646,800. But Killane insists the drama is a triumph, describing it as ...
RTE boss &#39;not concerned&#39; by Rebellion&#39;s drop in viewing figures
RTÉ's managing director of television Glen Killane has said he is not concerned about the fall off in numbers watching the broadcaster's flagship 1916 programme Rebellion. The numbers watching the third and fourth episode of the five-part series were ...
RTÉ television chief defends &#39;Rebellion&#39; as viewer numbers fall
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