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While attending the SRT Experience at Bondurant Racing School last week, I had a chance to go for a ride with LeMans champion Justin Bell in the new Dodge Viper ACR around the 1.6 mile road course – and the legendary racer had great things to say ...
Riding in the Dodge Viper ACR with LeMans Champ Justin Bell
The new quad-turbo diesel I-6 will also replace the current tri-turbo 3.0-liter I-6 used in the M550d xDrive, which makes 376 hp and 546 lb-ft of torque. Fuel consumption has been reduced by five percent in the quad-turbo engine versus the tri-turbo unit.
We don't know how much power this new EcoBoost will have, but the automaker has promised that it will out-muscle the 6.2L V8 which powered the last generation SVT Raptor, so the new mill will have more than 411hp and more 434lb-ft of torque. We also ...
Ford Rolls Out the 1st in a Series of F150 Raptor Videos
Robust and reliable: the new agile V6 diesel engine for the Amarok meets the customer requirement for high torque at low engine speeds. The powerful top-of-the-line six-cylinder engine produces its maximum torque at only 1,500 rpm. At 550 Nm, this ...
New Volkswagen Amarok to gain six-cylinder engine
The last-generation BMW 7 Series raised eyebrows with a triple-turbocharged 3.0-liter straight-six engine rated at 381 horsepower and a generous 546 pound-feet of torque, the latter figure being available from as low as 2,000 rpm. For the brand new ...
BMW's 750d marks a major milestone in the history of the turbodiesel engine
While some complain that the old BMW M3 lacks massive torque, the German tuner went to work and built a host of supercharger kits for the E9x platform that would bring out the inner beast of the old V8 plant. One such model is the G-Power M3 SKII ...
Video: G-Power BMW M3 SKII CS Reaches 186 MPH in Under 30 Seconds
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