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(Cleveland) - The big-screen is the next stop for Cavs star Lebron James. The 'Hollywood Reporter' reports James will star in 'Space Jam 2'. Lebron's starring role in the film comes on the heels of 'Space Jam' in 1996 which saw Hall of Famer Michael ...
We have miniature computers on our cell phones, we are connected to social media and the internet by something the size of our hand, and we have laptops and tablets for when we want a bigger screen. Children especially are drawn to new technology for ...
A few years ago, Trusten, a fifth grader at Elm Road Elementary school, decided he wanted to take part in a week-long program to ditch the screens. "You discover a whole new world, kind of. It's more open and you're not just focused on a screen the ...
Lucknow: Husainabad picture gallery pond is soon to become venue in the evening for a water screen show with fountains and laser lights depicting the history of the city since Nawab Asaf ud Daula's arrival at Lucknow in 1775. As part of the ...
Many of the scenes in the documentary film Dogtown Redemption, representing the nickname for a western section of Oakland, California in the East Bay area, likely are familiar in many cities across the country, including Salt Lake City. Initially, Amir ...
&#39;Survival of the least fit&#39;: Utah Film Center to <b>screen</b> Dogtown Redemption <b>...</b>
In a New Zealand first, women will soon be able to screen their relationships for abuse through an app. Auckland's Inner City Women's Group has developed the unique app called 1 in 3 Be Free. The app, developed in partnership with Omnispex, works as a ...
Inner City Women&#39;s Group app to <b>screen</b> relationships for abuse
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