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Developed by the Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark, in collaboration with Caherconnell Archaeological Field School and NUI Galway, the Burren Geology Field School will teach students about the world-class geology of the Burren and how the region has ...
Burren Geology Field School opens
On a low rise to the side of a shallow valley in a place that later became known as Caherconnell in western Ireland an elderly woman and two babies were buried. Their remains were placed in two carefully constructed stone boxes called cists, both ...
150 years since attack on Rangiaowhia in the NZ Wars
Recent excavations by the Caherconnell Archaeology Field School are proving otherwise. It was discovered in the summer of 2013 that Caherconnell cashel or 'caher' (a circular drystone enclosure containing dwelling houses and other domestic structures) ...
Irish Early Christians, Not So Christian After All?
Results of radiocarbon dating of the ancient remains of a woman and two infant children discovered at a Burren fort last summer have dated the remains to between 535 to 649. The skeletal remains at Caherconnell fort in the Burren, Co Clare. Picture:.
Jak poinformowała dr Michalina Comber, kierująca pracami badawczymi na stanowisku w ramach projektu Szkoła Archeologiczna Caherconnell, odkryte szczątki mogą pochodzić nawet sprzed kilku tysięcy lat, ale precyzyjne ustalenie ich wieku będzie ...
Archeolodzy odkryli w Irlandii szczątki kobiety i dzieci sprzed ponad 1000 lat
An archaeologist has described the discovery of the remains of a woman and two children at least 1,000 years old at a dig in the Burren as “very exciting and significant”. The director of the Caherconnell Archaeological School, Dr Michelle Comber, said ...
Burren archaeological discovery of woman and two children 'very significant'
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