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We visited Applegreen and Amber in Youghal, then onto Top in Ladysbridge, Broderick's in Shanagarry and finally onto Kirran's Filling Station in Cloyne. The most expensive price for unleaded was in Cloyne at 132.9 while the lowest was in Applegreen in ...
BALDWINSVILLE, N.Y. -- Since 1995, the Tighe family has delighted their neighborhood with an elaborate haunted house at 9504 Shanagarry Dr., but this year may be their last year. Halloween aficionados Mike and Debbie Tighe started the tradition with ...
Baldwinsville family ending Halloween neighborhood tradition after 20 years
First we visited Shanagarry Smokehouse where Bill Casey told us about how he decided to start a smokehouse when he was made redundant in the early '80s. His smoked salmon is sold not just in the local area but also to several top chefs around the ...
Darina Allen: Fish in Beer Batter with Chips and Tartare Sauce
LEGEND: Rene Redzepi, head chef and co-owner of Noma 1 LEGEND: Rene Redzepi, head chef and co-owner of Noma. WE'RE all looking forward to Kerrygold Ballymaloe Lit-Fest next weekend, May 16-18, at Ballymaloe House in Shanagarry, east Cork.
Noma on Ballymaloe Lit-Fest menu
One July afternoon in 1948, these brides of Christ saw a vision on the beach nearby that perhaps they weren't entirely expecting. The future doyen of Irish pottery design, then only five years of age, was running down Shanagarry strand with nothing on.
The Potter who Broke the Mould
This gallery in the centre of Cork, 40 minutes drive west of Shanagarry, is off the tourist radar. With a selection of permanent and visiting exhibitions - more than 2000 works, from 18th-century Irish and European paintings and sculpture to ...
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