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News from Ballinskelligs
+BALLINSKELLIGS (f, 3, Malibu Moon–Eden's Storm, by Stormy Atlantic) prepared for this first career start at trainer Christophe Clement's winter base at Payson Park and took solid support at the windows as the 5-2 favorite. Navigating the first turn in ...
Malibu Moon Filly Graduates at Tampa Bay
High winds around Portmagee and Ballinskelligs saw filming of Star Wars: Episode VIII on the Unesco World heritage site of Skelllig Michael cancelled on Monday morning, with the small boats which service the site refusing to go to sea. Locals say the ...
Skellig Michael 'Star Wars' filming cancelled amid high winds
The melting point of an Irish person is said to be 25 degrees, and while the sun in Ballinskelligs didn't challenge that, Europe and North Africa were experiencing a bit of a heatwave, so I was glad to return to my garden in Wicklow for a rather damp ...
Diarmuid Gavin: How to incorporate exotic plants into your Irish garden
By her own admission, artist Elizabeth Cope isn't sentimental, even when it comes to her own family. "I think the best thing you can do for your children is to get rid of them," she laughs. "My own mother used to throw us all out the back door when we ...
From Brazil to <b>Ballinskelligs</b>: Elizabeth Cope and Phoebe
From my house in Ballinskelligs it is about an hour to Tralee where I get the bus to Limerick. Brian collects me there and takes me back to his place. That trip takes about four hours. To cut down on travelling I stay with him and his family for a few ...
After years of hard work, it&#39;s hammer time for King
BALLINSKELLIGS, Ireland - First it was Star Wars now it is the Alien film franchise that is helping attract visitors to the newly opened 'Dark Sky' reserve centre in Ballinskelligs, Co Kerry. A striking life-size sculpture made from scrap metal of one ...
Alien helping lure visitors to new &#39;Dark Sky&#39; reserve centre in <b>Ballinskelligs</b>
Photos from Ballinskelligs
Skellig Hostel Skellig Hostel
Skellig Ring Drive
Tig An Rince Tig An Rince
The Old School House The Old School House
Cloon, Ballinskelligs