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A large crowd, including many who were unable to make it out to Banna Strand for the day's main ceremony, lined the southern end of Denny Street to greet the President when he arrived at The Ashe Memorial Hall. The President concluded his long day of ...
Thursday's ceremony at Banna - the only State commemoration outside Dublin and the only one on the actual centenary of the event it marked - was full of such moments and it was a truly special occasion. Another stirring moment came towards the end of ...
I stand in the centre of the ancient rath of McKenna's Fort near Banna Strand in Co Kerry. It is dusk, and rain sweeps in sheets across the flat expanse of fields that lie between the dunes of nearby Banna Strand and this sudden obstruction in the ...
Writing Roger Casement - the long and winding road to McKenna's Fort
“Dark Souls” e “Dark Souls 2” avevano gravi problemi con cheat e cheater su PC, e anche “Dark Souls 3” non è esente da questa piaga. Il guaio è che FromSoftware, nel tentativo di risolvere la situazione, sta bannando e softbannando dal multiplayer del ...
Dark Souls 3 <b>banna</b> giocatori innocenti considerandoli cheater
A full State commemoration for Roger Casement was led by President Michael D Higgins at Banna Strand near Tralee last week. The event marked the arrival by German U-boat of Casement a hundred years ago. President Higgins described Casement's act ...
Ireland gives State honours to Casement
Secondo quanto riportato da Engadget, l'Electronic Sports League (ELS), ha deciso il ban per la squadra sponsorizzata dal sito porno YouPorn, e questa non potrà più competere negli eventi eSports, tra cui i tornei di Street Fighters 5, Counter Strike e ...
L&#39;Esports League <b>banna</b> la squadra sponsorizzata da YouPorn
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