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En el último episodio (Anastasia) Margaret parecía mucho más fría y cabal que en Nights in Ballygran, dejando a un lado el robo en la tienda y cosas así, me dio una impresión muy distinta a la que hemos visto en este episodio. En Nights in Ballygran ...
Review Boardwalk Empire: Nights in <b>Ballygran</b>
Siamo di fronte a due episodi in cui i personaggi vengono indagati con grande profondità ed empatia e anche i dettagli d'epoca, come le struggenti ballate irlandesi in Nights in Ballygran, sembrano legare meglio con il narrato e facilitare l'immersione ...
Boardwalk Empire, st. 1, ep. 4 e 5: Anastasia e Nights in <b>Ballygran</b>
Although maybe the ultimate truism demonstrated by Nights In Ballygran is the old adage, 'If you're a young hothead in an American crime drama, you will eventually become addicted to heroin.' This week's episode focused mainly on the strange ...
Although she's had a lot of screentime on “Boardwalk Empire“, the character of Margaret Schroeder has been so quiet and “well-behaved” that she always seemed to linger in the background. Well, last night was her time to prove that she's more than just ...
Boardwalk Empire: Season 1 Episode 5: Nights in <b>Ballygran</b> - TV Review
Despite the promising premise of St. Patrick's Day in the era of Prohibition, "Nights in Ballygran" fell a little flat. The momentum of the past few weeks was put on hold for a mostly uneventful episode. While some might argue that two of the night's ...
Boardwalk Empire Review: &quot;Nights in <b>Ballygran</b>&quot;
'BOARDWALK EMPIRE' RECAP. EPISODE 5. 'NIGHTS IN BALLYGRAN'. We open in the Schroeder household as Margaret (Kelly Macdonald) awakens to the sound of a ruckus. She peers outside her window to see bootleggers across the street at the ...
&#39;Boardwalk Empire&#39; recap: Van Alden busts up Nucky&#39;s Celtic bash
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