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The downward pressure on oversupply is going to remain intense in this market, says John Kilduff, Again Capital Partners, discussing escalating volatility in the oil patch after Saudi Arabia and Iran could not reach an agreement on freeze output.
Saudis not done inflicting pain on drillers: Kilduff
John Kilduff, Again Capital, shares his outlook on the dynamics for oil production and demand. 2.. Markets rally despite another drop in oil. 1:28. Now watching Up next. Markets rally despite another drop in oil. CNBC's Bob Pisani highlights the ...
$26 oil may not be 2016 low: Kilduff
China is the world's second-largest oil consumer so any volatility in China will weigh on oil prices, explains Azlin Ahmad, editor of crude oil at Argus Media. 3.. Slumping oil hurting rails. 1:43. Now watching Up next. Slumping oil hurting rails.
THIS will bring oil producers to their knees: Kilduff
Oil may get as low as $18 and this could get ugly, says John Kilduff, Partner, Again Capital, sharing his thoughts on how growing tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran are prompting volatility in oil prices. 2.. Slumping oil hurting rails. 1:43. Now ...
Oil may fall to $18 amid Gulf tensions: Kilduff
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