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It looks like any other church. For years, parishioners walked through its red front doors on Sunday mornings. They sat in pews and focused their attention at the altar in front of them. Now, the pews are gone, and the altar is a stage. Bright lights ...
Little, <b>white church</b> transformed into music venue
"The New Baptist Covenant organization was trying to get black and white [churches] together, to partner together around projects of action. Not just talking, but action." From there, Stowers and Broome and the other leaders of the two groups agreed to ...
Georgia Baptist Leaders Unite Black, <b>White Churches</b> in &#39;Covenant of Action&#39; to <b>...</b>
इंदौर। शिवाजी प्रतिमा जंक्शन से बायपास तक व्हाइट चर्च लिंक रोड की बंद पड़ी सेंटर लाइट नगर निगम और आईडीए के बीच फुटबॉल बन गई है। दोनों इसे सुधारने की जवाबदारी एक-दूसरे पर डाल रहे हैं। पिछले ...
據CP24報道,警方確認了昨晚7點過後在Highway 404被撞亡的摩托車手的身份。 事故地點在Whitechurch-Stouffville,警方說這輛摩托車在匝道上行駛併入高速公路時失控,男子從摩托車上掉下來,滑到反向車道上,被汽車撞亡。 這名死者是30歲的密市男子Kosmo ...
Hwy 404昨晚被撞亡摩托車手身份確認
An organized effort by Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Lincolnton has resulted in the preservation of many headstones in the church's cemetery. Most often referred to as the old “White Church Cemetery,” it is located at Church Street and N. Aspen Street ...
Preservation efforts benefit Emmanuel Lutheran Church cemetery
Parishoners in Winterborne Whitechurch gathered outside the Old School Room next to the parish church on Wednesday to pay tribute to WWI hero Sidney Ware, who was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions exactly 100 years earlier.
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