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In that case, which lasted for years, all sorts of details became fixed in memory -- the spending spree the brothers went on after their parents were killed, the confession one of them made to a psychologist, even the movie they went to on the night ...
Unlike George R.R. Martin in his Game Of Thrones books, J.K. Rowling actually feels bad about the characters she kills off! Today marks the 18th anniversary of the Battle Of Hogwarts — it took place on May 2, 1998 — and as tradition goes, the Harry ...
J.K. Rowling Apologizes For <b>Killing</b> Off A Harry Potter Character -- And <b>...</b>
Wilson Borough police are searching for a woman who threatened to kill a man she lived with while holding a knife in front of the couple's 5-year-old child. Kylie Nicole Weber, 23, of the 1500 block of Liberty Street, allegedly began arguing with the ...
Knife-wielding woman threatened to <b>kill</b> man, cops say
The Harry Potter author, who tweets an apology annually on May 2, said she “didn't enjoy doing it” as she revealed that she never intended to kill off the beloved Marauder, former Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher and Order of the Phoenix member.
JK Rowling apologises for <b>killing</b> off character
But what Australia's science minister Christopher Pyne has dubbed "carp-aggedon" could come much sooner than that: The virus, which affects the carp's skin, kidneys, and gills, effectively stops respiration, killing the fish within 24 hours of the ...
Australia pins hopes on herpes for massive carp <b>kill</b>-off
An official investigation has found no links between the fish kill and a steel plant operating along the coast. The factory belongs to a Taiwanese company, Formosa Plastics. Public anger against the company was evident at the recent demonstration in Hanoi.
Vietnamese Protest Mysterious Fish <b>Kill</b>
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