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I think that we need to kill any terrorist who leaves his home." At the same, he acknowledged that "we must look at the state as a country and the army as a military. I've seen cases where enemies fought against my men and suddenly surrendered. It ...
Israeli war hero: <b>Kill any</b> terrorist who steps out of his home
Hon Imenda gave an example of a well-known and respected freedom fighter, the late Munukayumbwa Sipalo, who ran an advertisement calling on native Africans to kill any white creature they would see that moved on two legs during the struggle for ...
&#39;<b>Kill any</b> white creature on two legs!&#39;
Water shortage has become so severe in some areas that children have fallen sick and are unable to go to school. — Picture courtesy of Beyond PitasKOTA KINABALU, March 24 — Despite complaints of severe water shortage making children and the elderly ...
Drought yet to <b>kill any</b> villager, Sabah district official says as island&#39;s <b>...</b>
Houses in a Townsville suburb are being sprayed to kill any mosquitoes potentially carrying Zika amid fears a resident has the virus. Health authorities say initial tests suggest the Oonoonba local, who recently returned from overseas, has either Zika ...
Zika virus fears in Townsville suburb
SAN JOSE, Calif. (TheBlaze/AP) — A San Jose police officer who was fired last year for posting comments online that threaten to kill any anti-police protestors who threaten him or his family is back on the force. The San Jose Mercury News reports ...
Cop Who Was Fired After Posting That He&#39;d <b>Kill Any</b> Anti-Police Protesters Who <b>...</b>
Britain's sophisticated air-to-surface Brimstone missiles have not killed any terrorists in Syria so far, although at least nine missiles have been fired. A single missile using radar homing and laser guidance technology costs £100,000. The Huffington ...
British Brimstone missiles in Syria are yet to <b>kill any</b> terrorists, MoD reveals
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