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This recess, critics of the Republicans are adding Senators John McCain of Arizona, Roy Blunt of Missouri and Richard M. Burr of North Carolina to the target list, and they will also get the billboard treatment. The expanded list not only makes it ...
Democratic group takes GOP&#39;s Supreme Court obstruction into nine states during <b>...</b>
Kelsey Bolen, Personal Care Assistant, works with Isaac Lindsey, 11, on using an iPad to communicate at Green Acres on April 29. Lindsey. Matt DeBow, Lebanon Express. Isaac Lindsey, 11, passes the ball to Alex Rodriguez Vega during recess at Green ...
Including everyone
It is recess time in Congress. Members of the House and Senate are back home doing work in their districts, and staffers all over Washington are breathing a sigh of relief as things slow down, just a little bit, this week. The ritual usually happens at ...
Clinton&#39;s immigration pitch; House GOP tax reform plan; and yet another <b>recess</b> <b>...</b>
President Andrew Homann appointed a chief justice and five associate justices to the university's Supreme Court Tuesday morning. The current Senate went into recess after Monday's meeting and will reconvene in the fall. However, Homann was able to ...
Student Body President makes Supreme Court <b>recess</b> appointments
If it is a congressional recess, it must be time for another Democratic push in the states of vulnerable Republican senators refusing to take up the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Merrick B. Garland. With senators back home, the group Americans ...
Battles Over Garland Nomination Resume as Senate Enters <b>Recess</b>
The first known death from the Zika virus on U.S. territory was reported Friday as lawmakers left Washington for a weeklong recess. Neither house of Congress has approved funding to combat Zika, despite increasingly dire warnings from U.S. health ...
US Sees 1st Zika Death Amid Funding Stalemate
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