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Kiltyclogher will remember Leitrim's most famous son Sean Mac Diarmada with a weekend of festivities surrounding the annual commemoration parade. The official opening will take place on Friday May 6 with a traditional musical tribute by 'Ceol Rising' ...
Mary Lou to attend MacDiarmada weekend
Recognised as one of Ireland's leading composers of traditional music, Dr Charlie Lennon has just completed a 60 minute Suite to honour the heroes of the 1916 Rising, with special reference to Kiltyclogher born Seán MacDiarmada. It will be performed ...
Traditional music legend Charlie Lennon honours Leitrim hero Sean MacDiarmada
Mac Diarmada hailed from Corranmore, close to Kiltyclogher in North Leitrim. The landscape was dotted with reminders of Ireland's tortured past, including deserted houses and cottages from the mass hunger and emigrations of the 1840s. By the time he ...
10 things you may not have known about 1916 signatory Seán Mac Diarmada
On the road between Glenfarne and Kiltyclogher in north Co Leitrim lie the remains of two perfectly ruined houses, their stone walls crumbled, their roofs fallen in. In between is a newly renovated bungalow of scrubbed stone and slate, the vibrancy of ...
Ireland's revolutionary history lives on in a Leitrim schoolhouse
The officer was briefly dragged by the car, sustaining an injury to her arm. A police officer has been injured after she was dragged by a car during a pursuit when it failed to stop. A black Volkswagen Passat failed to stop for police in the ...
A PSNI officer has been injured after she was "dragged by a car" during a pursuit in Co Tyrone. After a black Volkswagen Passat car failed to stop for police in the Kiltyclogher Road area of Cookstown at around 1.30pm yesterday, (March 14) police ...
PSNI officer injured after being &quot;dragged by car&quot; during drugs pursuit in <b>...</b>
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Moorland-Guesthouse Moorland-Guesthouse
Ballinakillew Mtn.
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