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Được gọi là Addergoole 14, một nhóm nhỏ những người trẻ tuổi đã rời bỏ nơi này với mong muốn tìm kiếm cuộc sống khấm khá hơn nơi đất Mỹ. 11 người trong số đó thiệt mạng và chỉ có 3 người sống sót. Với cộng đồng nhỏ bé như Addergoole, đây là một ...
5 địa danh giúp bạn hồi tưởng về con tàu bạc mệnh Titanic
The cost of building the Titanic Memorial Park and hosting the Mayo Titanic Culture Week in Lahardane last month has resulted in the Addergoole Titantic Society running up debts of €80,000. Money to pay for the project was borrowed from the bank on the ...
Bank debts force sale of Lahardane's replica Titanic
It was from here, in the shadow of the distant crags of Nephin mountain, that the group known as the Addergoole Fourteen had a last glimpse of home as they made the long journey to board the RMS Titanic. Three men and 11 women left the parish of ...
The village still haunted by its Titanic loss
Durante décadas, chalés de pedra abandonados foram a única marca dos Quatorze de Addergoole, jovens emigrantes que deixaram a região dos pântanos do Condado de Mayo com sonhos de buscar a sorte na América e com isso em mente compraram ...
Titanic: Vilarejo irlandês relembra perdas de 1912
LAHARDANE, Ireland — For decades, abandoned stone cottages were the only mark of the Addergoole Fourteen, young emigrants who had fled the dark bogs of County Mayo with dreams of fortune in America and steerage tickets aboard the Titanic steamer ...
A Village Embraces Its Haunted Legacy
LAHARDANE, Ireland — When I met Willie Cusack he was walking among the abandoned stone homes of the Addergoole Fourteen, a group of young Irish emigrants from his parish in western Ireland who were bound for America on the doomed Titanic.
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