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Her plans get complicated when she becomes entangled in a torrid love affair with the married mom of two, Rayna (Breeda Wool), which lead to life changing decisions. Our review called the film an “arresting love story,” that's “thematically rich, and ...
Tribeca Interview: Director Deb Shoval And Lola Kirke Talk &#39;AWOL,&#39; Authentic <b>...</b>
As Rayna, the fading beauty that catches Joey's eye, Breeda Wool (of unREAL fame) builds up and quickly destroys the audiences' hope for the film's central romance several times over, all without ever losing the viewer's faith in her character. But ...
Lola Kirke And <b>Breeda</b> Wool On The Lesbian Romance &#39;AWOL&#39; And Learning Empathy
From the moment Joey (Lola Kirke) lays her eyes on Rayna (Breeda Wool), she can't help but be infatuated with her. She also can't help but pick up her bad habits. While Joey is fresh out of high school and contemplating joining the military to get out ...
&#39;AWOL&#39; Review: A Heart-Wrenching Lesbian Love Story From 2016 Tribeca Film <b>...</b>
“AWOL” is the story of Joey (Lola Kirke), a Pennsylvania teen faced with the dilemma of joining the Army or running away with the love of her life, Raina (Breeda Wool). The film premieres this week at the Tribeca Film Festival. WSN sat down with ...
Tribeca 2016: Deb Shoval and <b>Breeda</b> Wool talk &#39;AWOL&#39;
AWOL, a lesbian love story set in an economically depressed area of Northeast Pennsylvania, stars Lola Kirke and Breeda Wool as two women who face harsh financial realities that circumscribe their relationship. Kirke plays Joey, a young woman with a ...
Lola Kirke, <b>Breeda</b> Wool Star in Lesbian Love Story AWOL - Tribeca Film Festival
Lola Kirke plays the sly, charming Joey, who falls hard for local siren Rayna (Breeda Wool, also excellent in Lifetime's “UnREAL”). Shoval, who co-wrote the script with novelist and writer Karolina Waclawiak, captures the blind recklessness of first ...
Tribeca Review: Deeply Affecting Love Story &#39;AWOL&#39; Starring Lola Kirke And <b>...</b>
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