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One of the worst things about emigration is families not being together for the big moments — weddings, childbirth and the like. Skype is great and all, but nothing beats ua. Over the weekend, Cork's 96FM reunited one Irish family and it was lovely.
This emigrant&#39;s reunion with her family in <b>Cork Airport</b> is absolutely lovely
Cork's 96FM has uploaded an emotional video showing them reuniting a young Irish Woman with her father, after paying for the flights. The video, with a warning that it's a tear-jerker, shows Pay Your Thrills winner Ashling at Cork Airport welcoming her ...
Emotional scenes for <b>Cork&#39;s</b> 96FM competition winners
Cork's US shuttle is ready for take-off. After years of decline, the southern airport's fortunes are finally looking up with a new transatlantic service awaiting a permit to fly. But will it be competitively priced?
<b>Cork&#39;s</b> US shuttle is ready for take-off
On the announcement of 'tentative approval', Champagne corks popped in rebel country but some are keeping the bubbly on ice. "We're not taking it for granted that the permit will be issued, but we're confident the right decision will be made," Cork ...
<b>Cork Airport</b>: US shuttle is ready for take-off, but what will it cost?
Irish aviation, political, and business leaders have branded as “false and misleading” claims made by four US congressmen who have introduced legislation designed to block the first transatlantic flights from Cork Airport, writes Eoin English. Mayor of ...
Opposition to <b>Cork</b>-US route &#39;inaccurate and insulting&#39; says mayor
'I invited Mr Kjos to the European Parliament to discuss Norwegians flights from Cork. He has told me that the process of granting a licence will take time and that there is a procedure to be followed. Ultimately, he wants to begin flying from Cork to ...
US flights could start on August 1st
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