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News from Fountainstown
Years on from those Fountainstown idylls, the family went on to buy a small, old mid-1930s dwelling as close to the water as they could, for the next generation's holidays, and they came down from different, urban lives in Cork, and later from Dublin ...
Stunning beach-side bungalow in <b>Fountainstown</b> on market for €775000
That was 2006, and it was 2008 by the time they got around to all the necessary works on the terraced, old fashioned dwelling, by the Ferry Road, a short flip-flop trip to the hugely popular beach at Fountainstown, and which has a water sports activity ...
This property overlooking the bay at <b>Fountainstown</b> has been modernised to top <b>...</b>
THIS weekend marks the 29th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Fountainstown native Fiona Corcoran of the Greater Chernobyl Cause, describes the ongoing devastation in the contaminated and impoverished areas around the site of the explosion:.
<b>Fountainstown</b> woman recalls how Chernobyl stole her heart
The hugely popular Fountainstown beach looks unlikely to be closed to swimmers this summer despite initial fears of a shut down due to water quality. Chief executive of Cork County Council Tim Lucey said the most recent water quality tests at ...
<b>Fountainstown</b> beach likely to be open for summer
Out in south Cork beyond Carrigaline, it's a mile from Fountainstown beach, and handily on bus route to boot. It was built back in the year 2000, to a large template; and, for those who really want a bit of space to spread around at, there's an option ...
<b>Fountainstown</b> home worth a look-sea
The “Funkytown” kayak/adventure centre in Fountainstown, Co Cork, got swept out to sea overnight. Thanks to Kerry Collins for the pics. “Unfortunately due to Insane Stormage Funkytown has relocated to a Floating Adventure Centre,” the company said on ...
Cork counts cost of widespread flooding
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