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Born in nearby Rossmore, Catriona attended secondary school in Clonakilty, before studying Travel & Tourism at CIT. She gathered experience during her time in the Failte Ireland tourist office in Cork city, as well working in hospitality in Edinburgh ...
<b>Rossmore</b> woman gets Inchydoney&#39;s top job
Team Empey Tire pro stock driver Justin Ramsay of Rossmore, shown with mascot, Charlie the Therapy Dog, won his opening night feature Saturday at Brighton Speedway as the 2016 season opened. (Paul Svoboda/The Intelligencer) ...
New season starts at Brighton Speedway
Investigations are underway after several intoxicated youths at a house party obstructed fire fighters and later poured petrol over an Ambulance at Rossmore overnight. About 11.40pm (Saturday 30 April 2016), emergency services were called to a house ...
Man charged after Ambulance allegedly damaged at party - Rossmore. Sunday, 01 May 2016 09:24:06 AM. Police have charged a man after an Ambulance was allegedly damaged at Rossmore overnight. About 11.40pm (Saturday 30 April 2016), emergency ...
An 18-year-old man has been charged after petrol was poured over an ambulance at an out-of-control party when paramedics were treating a burned teenager. Police alleged paramedics were helping a 14-year-old boy who was burned when he tried to light ...
Sydney man charged for &#39;pouring petrol over an ambulance&#39; at <b>Rossmore</b> party
【on.cc東網專訊】 澳洲雪梨西南部羅斯莫爾(Rossmore)一名青年,昨日在自己的18歲生日派對失控,涉嫌蓄意向一輛到場處理報案的救護車淋汽油,最終被捕。現場另有一名14歲男孩燒傷,被送到醫院治理。 當局在昨晚約11時許接報,指一名14歲男孩跌入篝火之中。
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