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William Valentin, the former Correction Officers Benevolent Association board member who is running against longtime president Norman Seabrook in elections this spring, says the Department of Correction is unfairly limiting the time he has to campaign ...
COBA Challenger: DOC Tilting Scales in Jails
The executive director of the Civilian Complaint Review Board and another employee last week dropped a lawsuit accusing former board Chair Richard Emery of calling them “pussies.” Mr. Emery, a well-known civil-rights lawyer, resigned from the board ...
CCRB Officials Drop Suit Against Emery Claiming Retaliation
THIS WAS SOME TRAFFIC HOLDUP: Shakia Yelder was puzzled when she was fired from her job as a Traffic Enforcement Agent in 2010 on the ground that she was a provisional. She wasn't; she had passed a civil-service test. By the time that got worked ...
Ex-TEA Wins Belated $30G Payout By City Over Wrongful Termination
By MARK TOOR; 2 min ago; 0. HENRY CHANG: Unsung stalwart memorialized. prev. next. The city plans to dedicate a section of the Municipal Library in honor of a Stationary Engineer at the Long Island City Courthouse who died in a fall in 2008. The Henry ...
Municipal Library's Engineering Center Named for Worker
A TIME OF RECKONING: Correction Capt. Gerald Vaughn, far left, with current and former correction officers outside the courtroom where he and eight others are on trial, charged with beating Rikers inmate Jahmal Lightfoot in July 2012 or helping to ...
Ex-Rikers Inmate's Testimony Given Skeptical Reception At Officers' Trial
•This dish is quite popular in Kanyakumari and is also know as “Kanyakumari Black Toor Dal Rice”. Recipe: Black Toor Dal Rice. This dish is quite popular in Kanyakumari and is also known as "Kanyakumari Black Toor Dal Rice". Ingredients Rice - 2 cups
Recipe: Black <b>Toor</b> Dal Rice
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