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Brian Pimley, 61, of Dublin Road, Tyrrellspass, Co Westmeath, died after a foot-long needle he used as part of his work pierced through his brain to the back of his head on April 8, 2014. “He was fixing a spring on a chair, he was using a long thin ...
A man with 40 years' experience re-upholstering furniture died after a tool described as a “giant sewing needle” pierced his brain through his eye. Brian Pimley (61), of Dublin Road, Tyrrellspass, Co Westmeath died after a foot-long needle he routinely ...
Upholsterer died after long needle pierced brain through eye
A man in his 30s has been arrested in Donegal by An Garda Siochana in connection with the theft of 100 animals from a farm in Co. Westmeath in June. The 75 cattle and 25 sheep were stolen from the farm at Cornaher (between Kilbeggan and Tyrrellspass) ...
Man in Donegal arrested in connection with €100000 livestock theft
Niall Dillon, who owns the farm between Kilbeggan and Tyrrellspass near the N6 Old Dublin Road, said he had gone to his property on the afternoon of June 25th to discover the lock cut on the gate. He told RTÉ News at the time that CCTV footage showed a ...
Man arrested over theft of livestock worth €100000
Already signed up for Kms4Kids are Tyrrellspass Up and Running, who plan to do it as a relay, and Maurice is inviting GAA and other teams as well: “They use do it as a relay and make it part of a team-building effort,” he suggested. As well as the ...
Kms4kids a day for the whole family
Tyrrellspass have a number of county players in Tom Cribben's set-up, but there is no doubt that Egan shines brightest of all, even above his legendary club and county teammate Denis Glennon. We spoke to Tyrrellspass treasurer Joe Daly who has known ...
Ger Egan has made <b>Tyrrellspass</b> proud regardless of Sunday&#39;s Leinster final result
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