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News from Villierstown
The sun shone down on Villierstown Boating Club on September 6th for the inaugural VB250 pursuit race for 25 dinghy sailing crews sponsored by Union Chandlery. Competitors arrived from the local club, Youghal SC, Dungarvan Harbour SC and ...
<b>Villierstown</b> Boating Club Attracts 25 Dinghies for Union Chandlery VB250 <b>...</b>
Villierstown Boating & Activities Club members at their brand new three week old facility on the riverbank couldn't do enough to make us welcome with hot soup tea and sambos and home cookies when we arrived and a massive fry on Sunday morning and ...
Blackwater River Dinghy Cruise Voyages from Youghal to <b>Villierstown</b>
They'll take the tide all the way upriver on Saturday afternoon, but as they can get no further with masts stepped than the old railway bridge at Cappoquin, they'll head downriver to pretty Villierstown on the east shore. There, the local sailing and ...
Sailing in Youghal Boost From Blackwater Voyage to Cappoquin
Photos from Villierstown
The Pilgrims Rest Hotel The Pilgrims Rest Hotel
Mount Melleray
Aherne's Aherne's
163 North Main Street
The Old Imperial Hotel Youghal The Old Imperial Hotel Youghal
27 North Main St